Spring 2014 Initiation

Recently, the Alpha Chi Omega Beta Xi chapter accepted and had six wonderful women initiated into the Beta Xi chapter. 

Katie Rees               Cyndee Claphanson          Anna Meppen

Sara Arrowood       Heidi Hibbard                  Christian Smith

"I'm from Ohio and I come from a pretty big family, I love spending time with them! I enjoy being involved with the arts and I'm currently studying graphic design. Being away from my family was difficult, I joined alpha chi not knowing what to expect and I ended up finding a group of girls who I love being around. I'm excited to see what the future holds for me in this organization and the relationships I will make through alpha chi!" -Sara Arrowood

"I'm from East Nassau, New York. I am so grateful to be a part of this sisterhood with all of you and I never thought I'd come this far but I am so glad I made the decision to become a part of alpha chi omega! You girls have helped me so much and have such an impact on me! I can't wait to form more memories with some of you and get to know some of you better! Love you all!" -Anna Meppen

"I was born in Georgia. I love sports! My major is athletic training or sports management because I love football! I joined alpha chi because Ashley and Brooke were always such great friends to me and would also be overly nice to me and seeing how close everyone is in alpha chi made me want to be apart of such a amazing thing!"- Christian Smith

"My name's Katie Rees, I'm a legacy but that is not the reason I joined alpha chi omega. I joined because of the people, the commitment, the sisterhood, the service, and the opportunities. It was completely my decision and it's a perk to have my mom be excited for me and to share that bond with her. I am a freshman and am majoring in nutrition sciences and hope to go on to PA school. I love tennis and the outdoors. I hope that alpha chi can give me the leadership and service that I love." -Katie Rees

"My name is Cynthia Claphanson but I go by Cyndee. I'm a freshman here at USU studying business to become an event planner. My dream is to one day be a wedding planner for Disney world. I'm an only child military brat. I was born in California, raised in England, went to high school in Las Vegas, and now I'm here! I was a swimmer and cross country runner in high school and I love art. I'm super social so please introduce yourself if we haven't already met!" -Cyndee Claphanson

"I grew up in Iowa, but, I consider Switzerland home because I went to school there and my family still lives there. My major was dietetics/food science but now I'm thinking of changing it to exercise science. I joined alpha chi because I've always wanted to be in a sorority and I really liked the girls that i knew that were alpha chis. I'm excited to get to know all of the girls better and to really feel like I'm a part of the sisterhood." -Heidi Hibbard

Big- Little reveal was a success right before our Lyre Week.  Congrats to the new Big-Little relationships we have in our chapter! It's always nice to have a big sister to look up to and to know that they are always there for you. Big-Little reveal is so special and brings sisterly bonds even closer together! Congrats ladies!

Overall, the Beta Xi chapter is super excited to have 6 new sisters. We have had a great semester so far. Our philanthropy was a success, our leadership has guided us so well, and our sisterhood has stayed strong. This past lyre week was a success as well, and we officially have 6 newly initiated members. We look forward to the memories that will be made with sisters and a good solid finish this semester.

P.S. Keep posted for the blog post spotlighting our 2014 seniors!

Chapter Retreat and Big Little Love!

Over the weekend new Alpha Chi members got to participate in one of the most beloved sorority traditions: receiving their Big Sisters! All week the new members received various clues as to who their Big could be. Some Bigs played sneaky and tried to throw off their Littles to make the surprise even greater on reveal day.

After, the ladies hopped in cars with their new bigs/littles and took the trip to chapter retreat at a cabin in Bear Lake owned by one of Alpha Chi's Favorite Guys. At retreat sisters bonded with one another and played various games in order to strengthen their sisterhood.

All in all it was a great weekend! And new members get excited, one week until Initiation!!

Excited to get her Big!

Such a cute big/little pair.

Katie and her new twins, Haley and Sariah.

Big Little Matching!


Every semester the women of Beta Xi put on a fabulous philanthropy event. This past September, the Alpha Chi ladies hosted their famous Alphatraz event.

The event goes to support CAPSA, and to raise awareness about Domestic Violence against women. Each fall semester Alpha Chi sells "warrants" for students to throw their friends into jail. In order for the students to get out of the jail cell, they have to achieve a "bail". Each warrant requests the participants to raise at least $10.

"Prisoners" are given a cup that they need to fill by getting passing students to donate. Students get creative on ways to earn bail. This past year some of the favorites were: twerking, offering dates, and singing.

At the end of the event, the ladies of Beta Xi were excited to announce that they raised over $2,000 for CAPSA.

The money will go to a scholarship for a re-entry student who has been a victim of domestic violence.

Alpha Chi sisters and Sigma Chi brothers in the jail.

"Help us out!"

Spare change?

Cute sisters helping withe the event!